European oak gates

European oak, Quercus petraea / robur hardwood, (Kiln Dried)

One of the most durable timbers, hard, heavy and very durable for exterior use. Light tan to biscuit with silver grey figure.

One of the more expensive hardwood but looks fantastic.

Oak can be naturally prone to surface checking, shakes and splitting but this does not generally affect the integrity of the gates or doors and this in itself cannot be regarded as a manufacturing defect. Oak can be treated with oil with UV filters to preserve its blond appearance or can be left untreated and will gradually fade, initially black as the natural oils are released and thento a silver gray portraying the characteristic charm. It is one of the most expensive hardwoods and should not be painted. Stainless steel fittings should be used. Weight approx 670/720 kg/m3. Very durable.

Air Dried Oak should be oiled to keep the moisture in thus preserving the drying process.