Care & Maintenance

Thank you for choosing BG Wooden Gates 

You have chosen a product made from wood which has been manufactured to your unique requirements. Our dedicated, highly skilled joiners have crafted your items from carefully selected and responsibly sourced timber. This natural product is one of the most versatile and beautiful materials available to us providing a long-term solution to endless applications. We hope you will be very happy with your gates.


Timber is a natural product therefore if the atmosphere is wet, damp or humid the wood will take on water and expand. If dry it will lose water and shrink. This can cause your product to expand and contract and at different times and when subject to different conditions. This can also affect decorative coatings and can cause the timber to split or twist, it is the responsibility of the end user to visually inspect their product on a regular basis and be aware of the need for maintenance. Our guidelines for maintenance are below. We recommend untreated gates are treated with a product of your choice prior to the gates getting wet to prevent the gates absorbing moisture.


Gates Treated with any oil or stain of your choice

An oiled finish will evaporate over time. The coats initially saturate a substrate but, will and or absorb into or away from the surface of the substrate over time. This period of time cannot be guaranteed or pre-determined as factors such as wood grain density and climatic conditions are beyond our control. Products supplied with an oiled finish that is not reapplied regularly the timber will start to grey naturally,


Oils and stains our customers used in the:-

Barrettine oils –

Osmo oils –

Sikkens wood stains –

If you chose to have your gates painted, we will require a RAL No.


Gates with a stain or paint finish

We recommend that you should periodically inspect your gates for splits, cracked finish or fading of finish and ingress of moisture, most years all that will be required is a touch up by sanding of the area and applying a new coat of paint to the affected area or reapplying a stain finish. Painting or staining over an area without cleaning and sanding is not recommended as this could cause even worse damage to the gate. Bare wood or a cracking painted surface permits water to penetrate the wood itself which is a huge invitation for micro-organisms, mould and fungus. Sanding down the area needing repair and allowing it to dry before refinishing keeps the wood from rotting. As long as preventative measures are taken the wooden gate will remain in prime condition for many years. Maintaining your wooden gate will retain its durability and save you money in the long run. The type and level of maintenance required will depend on the item’s location and exposure to the weather. An item in a south facing position in a coastal area will deteriorate far quicker than one that is north facing and sheltered from the wind and rain.


Gates that have been automated

We strongly recommend that you service your automation on a yearly basis.